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News that Doesn't Involve Bombings

Move over Winnipeg, Edmonton is now the Murder Capital of Canada. It seems that as long as I could remember, Winnipeg had the dubious distinction of being Canada's murder capital. But today's Stats Can release shows that Edmonton now has more homicides per capita. To put the numbers in perspective, Winnipeg has 3.7 murders per 100,000 people, Edmonton 4.3, Seattle 5.6, New York 7.4, Chicago 20.6, Detroit 39.4, New Orleans 57.5! (source)
But do not fear Winnipeggers, you still have some notable distinctions:
* Murder Capital of Canada - Edmonton
* Robbery Capital of Canada - Winnipeg
* Break-in Capital of Canada - Vancouver (or Regina for smaller cities)
* Vehicle Theft Capital of Canada - Winnipeg

Congratulations Winnipeg on giving up your violent past and instead focussing on stealing other people's stuff.

In news that makes me smile, Toyota is planning on releasing a plug-in hybrid. One step closer to the elusive electric car, which may not be so elusive anymore.

A computer nerd in Silicon Valley, flush with start up money from guys like Larry Page, Sergey Brin (from Google), and Elon Musk (from PayPal), has developed an electric sports car that uses a ton of laptop-like batteries. It has a range of 250 miles, fuel-efficiency of 1-2 cents/mile, full charge taking 3 hours, and a starting price tag if $80,000 US. Target audience: rich tech company CEOs (and me in a few years =).

I wonder how electric cars will affect parkings lots in places like Winnipeg, where there are outlets for plugging in block heaters on cold wintery days so batteries don't freeze solid. I'm sure Impark won't be happy with you recharging your vehicle in their lot, at least not for $8/day.
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