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Blood and Gore

On Halloween, Daniel and I (aka Captain Vegetable) played host a odd assortment of characters, the most memorable being the Universal Turing Machine and the Automation Chain. Everyone who showed up was from work - hence the CS style costumes. The good news - no one was too confused by the Universal Turing Machine. The bad news - there were only 2 girls. So sad.

The party was ok. Mostly dorky, with many odd socially awkward moments. Daniel insisted on calling it the "Best Party Ever!", while I tried to hide my sense of disaster by drinking myself silly, showing off my cucumber, dropping my camera in a bowl of salsa, making a drunken phone call to Emily (a first and not something I want to make a habit of), and puking in the toilet (already a habit). Spectacular night.

Speaking of spectacular nights, I woke up this morning, after a night of troubled dreams, with bloody drool stains on both pillows and on my sheets. I was of course expecting this, after my wisdom teeth were yanked out yesterday. The dentist recommended I have them all pulled because 2 of them had cavities and they were really tight to the back of my mouth and pockets were starting to form behind them. I was initially against it - why pull (almost) perfectly good teeth? But after talking to Roxie, who's in her 2nd year of dental hygiene now, I was convinced otherwise.

Only 3 teeth were pulled in the end. Even so, the three holes in my mouth spent were bleeding machines - soaking several pads of gauze and filling my mouth with clotting, dark red globs which created a real mess in the washroom. Yummy.

I didn't eat anything last night, so I was hungry this morning. The menu for today:
Breakfast: 1 Strawberry and 1 Chocolate Ensure Meal Replacement drinks.
Lunch: 1 Vanilla Ensure Meal Replacement and a Green flavoured smoothie. Green is no longer just a colour.
Dinner: Tomato soup, Butternut Squash soup, and 1 Wild Berry Ensure Meal Replacement

Yeah for liquid food!

So far, I haven't taken any pain meds. Those of you who know me well, know I have never had any Tylenol, Advil, or other over-the-counter or prescribed pain medication. I managed to maintain that streak through several injuries, including 2 baseballs in the mouth and a dislocated shoulder. This a huge source of pride for me, and I'm hoping to keep the streak alive. The doc gave me a prescription for some super strength Ibuprofen and suggested I take 3 with each meal, but that's advice for wimps. I'm tough. I can take the pain.

And now, a collection of links to the best stuff I've found on the internet in the past week:
Attatch of the Bots - The coolest, but scariest article I've read in a while. All about botnets and their use in underground, cyber-criminal organizations.
Rick Mercer takes on Michael Fortier - Go sign the petition. I'm number 27 of 2074 and counting. Not as funny as the petition to change Stockwell's name to Doris, but cute.
CBC Radio 3 Podcast #74 has taught me that "give'r" is a authentic Canadian term. Ben is always annoyed when I use the term because he doesn't understand it. That just goes to prove that I'm more Canadian then he is. Good thing he moved to New York.

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