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8 km Swim for My Prostate

This morning I ran Harry's Spring Run Off 8k to fight Prostate Cancer, but it felt more like an 8km swim. I was completely soaked before the race even began. Nothing like running with swimming pools in your shoes.

I just signed up for the race yesterday, after being coerced by a few friends from my Sunday running group. I figured it would be a good benchmark for the 10km Sun Run next month. My goal for the 10k is 40 minutes (ambitious, but I've done it before). So, I figured today a 36 minute 8km would be good. Not quite the pace I want for the 10k, but a good starting point.

My strategy was to take it easy for the first 4km and then slowly pick it up if I felt good. I ran the first 4 km in 17:30 which was right on pace, but I felt like I was holding back. So at every kilometre marker after that I picked up my pace. I pretty much sprinted in the last 500 meters. I felt great. In the end, I ended up running a 33:48, which was a lot better than I expected. I super pumped now.

The best part is how much free stuff I got. My $50 entry fee was a bit more expensive because I entered late, but I got 2 shirts, a pair of socks, and an energy bar. Then I finished 3rd place (they screwed up the results at the race and gave me second) in my age category so I won a prize. I figured it would be a cheesy medal, but I ended up with a $75 gift certificate for the Running Room, so I'm going to buy myself a new pair of shoes this week. I've been meaning to for a while, so this is perfect. Race Results

I'm really pumped about running and training now. I ran most of the race with Scott, and our pace is pretty close, so maybe I'll have a running partner for the half marathon this summer.
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