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Opposition to Gateway is Making a Splash

The battle over Gateway seems to be reaching a fever pitch in Vancouver, much to the Liberals dismay. It seems like there's a daily article or opinion piece in the news about it, many pointing out its flaws.

Today was an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun Campbell's vision collides with Falcon's freeway plans (also here if that disappears. And Automobile's curious lure about laziness, not lack of transit.

Last week, the NDP came out opposing Gateway and on Saturday protesters endured pouring rain to bring their message to Al Gore and everyone attending his presentation. Yes, I was there. The weather sucked and we didn't stay for long, but a lot of people made an appearance. Emily bike with me in the rain to attend and Nim and Lucie even stopped by for a bit. Sometimes it's hard to see the results of such actions, but the media attention this week was reward enough. People are starting to realize the how contradictory Gateway is with our Premier's s green ambitions. Even Liberal hacks are starting to worry - and writing ridiculous articles professing their love for the automobile.

Also this week, Vancouver VitalSigns - a snapshot of the state of the region and the challenges to address. Paul Hillsdon has a good piece on it.

I wanted to write more about my personal impressions on all of these things, but I have to get going. My Thanksgiving weekend is starting tonight.
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